Description of Palaizot
the Morvan, Burgundy.

View of Palaizot The gte is situated in the hamlet of Palaizot in the commune of Chissey-en-Morvan. Palaizot is in the department of Sane-et-Loire but is adjacent to the boundaries of both the Nievre and the Cote d'Or. The river Ternin, bordered by green meadows, flows southwards down the valley past the hamlet. At Palaizot the valley widens where several streams join the Ternin. The hamlet nestles against the south facing side of the valley and is ringed all around by the wooded hills of the Morvan. A pleasant hamlet in an idyllic situation.

In the country- side immediately surrounding the gte there are many walks on footpaths and track ways these allow ample opportunity to observe the local plants and animals in their natural environ- ment. For those wishing to sample the pleasures of the vineyards, the historic towns and villages of Burgundy, Palaizot is ideally situated. The shopping centres of Saulieu and Autun are within easy driving distance.

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Map of Palaizot

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