View from Reglois

Reglois is a small hamlet in the commune of Alligny-en-Morvan situated in the Morvan Natural Park. It is in the Haut Morvan and nestles on a gently sloping hillside that faces south. The air is pure and clear because the altitude is 528 M / 1730 Ft and the nearest city is approximately100 km / 60 miles away. There are panoramic views of the Morvan to the south towards Mont Beauvary. Reglois is surrounded by unspoilt meadows and forest. The early spring produces a crop of cowslips, oxlips and wild daffodils and later hidden in some parts of the forest there are lily of the valley. In the meadows and forest the autumn produces an abundant crop of mushrooms and other edible fungi where for a little diligent searching one can indulge in the rarer and more exotic tastes that nature provides. In the meadows there are many types of butterfly, many of which have been irrevocably lost to a great extent in the rest of Europe, by the use of intensive factory farming.

Chateau de Reglois. The forests of the Morvan are still worked for the timber they provide. There are coniferous forests that are purely commercial and nothing is wasted, from the young saplings that are sold as Christmas trees, through many stages up to the fully-grown specimens that are sold for timber. The deciduous forests are also worked for the benefit of the commune; they are coppiced by the villagers for firewood who clean up the forest and remove all the trees that are damaged or diseased or those that will not grow into large trees. Every year or two there is a new patch of forest allocated to a village by the commune, in this way the deciduous forests have become and remain a sustainable source of fuel and timber.

The surrounding wild areas support a large number of different animals and birds; there are wild boar, deer and many other smaller animals. There are many different raptors, buzzards, black kite, red kite, peregrine falcons and if you are very lucky the occasional booted eagle. The majority of this area is easily accessible by the many quiet tracks and dirt roads that wind their way through meadow and forest, it is delightful to explore the area quietly on foot for in this way there are many things to be seen when wandering through such unspoilt countryside. For those who prefer country sports there are ample facilities close by, there are several stables where horses can be hired for trekking, at Lac Settons a large number of water sports are catered for. The most popular sport in the area is fishing and there are several lakes and rivers that produce very good catches and if you prefer to just sit on the bank and relax the tranquillity of the surrounding countryside is second to none and must be experienced to be appreciated.

Within easy driving distance there are many interesting places to be found. Saulieu, the nearest town, renowned for it's restaurants. Autun, Julius Caesar's capital after he defeated Gaul; you still drive through the Roman gates to enter the town. Vezelay, a delightful hilltop town. Beaune, some of the most beautiful architecture in Burgundy and surrounded by vineyards, wine tasting is a pleasure here. Semur en Auxois a fortified town of great character. Avallon another interesting town to explore. Mont Beuvray a very interesting archaeological site and fantastic viewpoint. There are many other places of interest that can be visited including several abbeys and many vineyards where the wines must be tasted.

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