Walk 1.

7 Km.

Alligny - Marnay - Reglois - La Ferriere - Bel Air - Bazolles - Alligny.

"Terreau Brunot" or "Terreau Bruneau"
This hill was called he calvary of Alligny and was surmounted by three crosses. According to legend the Druids considered this place to be sacred. Up until the XIX century, the children who died without baptism were buried on the flanks of this hill, as they were not accepted in the Christian cemeteries. The fountain that is at the foot of the martyrdom on the north side, by the road to Pierre Écrite, was considered holy. In the first years of the XX century the sick used it's water. At the foot of this hill there is a former Roman way "Autun-Saulieu by Goix, Regloix, Marnay". According to some authors the pavement of this road was restored by Queen Brunehaut. This would account for the name of the sacred hill. Legend also tells that Caesar and his army passed by this way.

The fountain of Saint Hilaire
The waters of this fountain were used for healing fevers.

In the south of the hamlet of Marnay, there is a mound covered with trees. This mound is called Champbard, and is the site of the first feudal castle of Regloix. Burned to the ground by Les Ecorcheurs (§) in 1438 , it was not rebuilt. From these ruins the stone was taken for the construction of the new castle of Reglois, the remainder was used by the villagers of the hamlet of Marnay.
(§) Organised military bands that ravaged numerous provinces during the reigns of Charles VI and Charles VII, they were former soldiers, peasants, adventurers or gentlemen with no inherritance. They were Castilians, English, Germans, Scottish and French.

The castle of Reglois
The castle was constructed from 1602 to 1609 by Claude de Brouillard. The motto engraved over the of the door of the tower is: " JUNCTIS NIHIL TUTIUS ARMIS " "nothing of sure as the armed union". It was placed there by Georges Raudot in the XIX century.

On the left of the path there is a small pond followed by a lavoir (washing tank).

La Ferrière
To the left of the path there is an ancient well.

Le Bel Air
In direction of Pierre Ecrite there is a view point that has interesting views of Alligny, the valley of the Tarraine (or Ternin), Jarnoy, La Cremaine and Les Guttes Bonin. If conditions are favorable it is also possible to see the summit of Mont Blanc from here.

La chaise du loup. (The seat of the wolf).
At the foot of a tree there is a stone in the shape of seat, here as in other parts of the Morvan it is easy to understand our ancestors fear of wolves. While descending to Bazolles, you follow the path that the children of Reglois and La Ferrière used to take to the school at Alligny before school buses existed; this is known as "le chemin des écoliers" (the path of the schoolchildren).
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